Small Business Tips – Increasing your Productivity

The topic of today’s blog post is about increasing your productivity for 2011. As an entrepreneur, I am always eager to learn new ways to increase my productivity – do more tasks in less time, by utilizing various tools to help organize my life. Family time is very important to me, and I really value any extra time I can get when I’m able to finish tasks quickly and more efficiently.

I wanted to share some great tips and tricks with you, that I have found online:

I recently came upon this great website called which is a wonderful source for the latest and greatest information to keep up with our digital age. Their episode on Tools for Productivity talks about 15 various software programs and applications for your mobile phone, that can help you organize your life and get more things done.

A few of the applications and programs discussed in this episode include 1Password – a handy password keeping tool, Google docs – a document sharing platform, Dragon Naturally Speaking – speech recognition software, as well as many other great resources.

Check out the episode below for more information:

iMindMap Software

iMindMap by Tony Buzan is a great piece of software that allows you to do mind mapping on your computer. This piece of software is simply amazing – it allows you to basically brainstorm in high gear – creating stunning visuals, allowing you to plan and organize your thoughts, ideas, goals, and anything else you’d like to keep track of, in this very simple to use, effective program.

You can download a free trial for 7 days to test out the software and see for yourself.

50 Ways to Increase your Productivity – by Kim Roach

I found this article online by Kim Roach, titled ‘50 Ways to Increase your Productivity‘ and I have to say I really like her writing style. She is concise and breaks down these 50 items in an easy to read list format, so you get a lot out of reading the article without having to search for the information. She wrote this article back in 2007, and yet it is still very relevant today. Enjoy the read!

Please comment with any tips and tricks you’ve found that help you increase your productivity and make the most out of your time.