Welcome to Gold Leaf Graphic Design & Consulting. We are a dynamic graphic design and business consulting company that is dedicated to quality relationships with our clients. We are mobile and serve the Greater Vancouver area as well as the Fraser Valley.

We work closely with you to achieve results for your business – and help you Prepare, Create, and Deliver your message to the right clients so you get noticed & stand out with your unique story and product or service.

Owner and President Agata Klein started the company in January 2010 and has recently shifted her focus from corporate clients in order to service the needs of Entrepreneurs, Seedlings, and Small Businesses. Agata brings together a team of professionals to service the growing needs of her clients in the areas of graphic design, website design, marketing, video creation, and wide range of business consulting services.

I believe that small businesses should have access to the same caliber of graphic design and business consulting services that big businesses already use on a continual basis. With my industry experience and smart work ethic, I am here to provide my clients with the right mix of services that can help them achieve the results they want for their small business.

Everything starts with your passion for what you do. Your story is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) because it is unique! Make it count. We help you bring clarity to your purpose, and lay the proper foundation to achieve profitable results.

Once your message is clear, you need the right tools to target your clientele. We work with you to create results-oriented marketing materials, and guide you through the process from inception to completion.

Hit the target on the mark and make a memorable impact so you have staying power in the marketplace! Your customers are waiting to hear what you have to say – engage them, and create a sales funnel that works and get you noticed on a variety of online and offline channels.

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