Gold Leaf Graphic Design and Consulting is a Vancouver graphic design company specializing in small to medium sized business marketing and graphic design services including:

  • branding
  • web design
  • business card design
  • logo design
  • brochure design
  • layout
  • packaging
  • online presentations and training
  • custom reporting
  • email marketing campaigns

We cater to entrepreneurial minded small business owners with our full range of marketing and consulting services.

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Our Process

We offer full service marketing strategies and design packages for the small business owner.

How long will it take? – We are mobile and will come to see you for a free initial consultation to determine the needs of your business. Whether it be a simple business card design or a full marketing strategy, we’re your full service provider for all of your business needs.

Let us take care of it for you! - Our knowledge in print production means we can deal with the printer to get the best price, and make sure you are satisfied with the final product.


As a small business owner, your establishing a brand identity in the marketplace is crucial. Contact Us today to discuss your branding needs.


Is your business so new that you don’t even have a name? No problem! We can help you through the process. We will help you choose the right name for your business that will now only help you establish the right identity but also attract the right type of customers. Contact Us today for more information.


A professionally designed logo is the first step in establishing a unique identity for your business and differentiating yourself from your competitors. Let us help you make your vision a reality. Contact Us today for more information.


Your business card design reflects your company in less than 15 seconds. It needs to make an impact fast and effectively. Contact Us today for more information.


Although not as important as it was before the internet age, stationery design can still be an effective tool to maintain the consistency of your brand. We can work with you to create stationery that complements your unique business needs. Contact Us today for more information.


A professionally designed brochure can offer your potential clients something tangible to take home to help them decide to do business with you. In today’s digital age, with most marketing being digital it is becoming harder to stand out in the crowd. However, digital printing is becoming more and more cost effective for small businesses,  and it has never been a better time to deliver a printed brochure to separate you from your competitors. Contact Us today for more information.